Scooty Didi

The ‘scooty didi’, as she’s popularly come to be known, has emerged as a mascot for the Mission 2020 programme, encapsulating the community’s aspiration for change which is at the heart of realising the programme vision. Upon becoming ‘lakhpati’, owning a scooty for themselves – for experiencing the freedom of movement, for taking their farm produce to the market as well for taking their children to school, among other things – emerged as a dream which was articulated by the tribal women themselves and has become a powerful trigger to enthuse and encourage individuals to nurture their dream of moving towards the aspiration for prosperity and bringing about a change in attitude.



Building on its key learnings, CInI designed and initiated implementation of  a five year mission programme “Lakhpati Kisan™ – Smart Villages”, in April 2015. The goals of the programme under its Mission 2020 are:

  • Bringing 101,000 households irreversibly out of poverty with increased quality of life and life choices
  • Developing 17 blocks as regional drivers for growth across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Jharkhand and Odisha

The logo in the spiral form depicts the evolving life of a tribal household. Painted in Soharai art, the outer circle represents various livelihood Activities, while the inner circle represents the aspirations of well-being. The two core components are strengthened by solidarity and unity within the community facilitated through community institutions.

Strategies for Enhancing Incomes

Promoting Agricultural Clusters with Year-Round Market Linkages

Irrigation Support and Water Usage Efficiency

Promoting Complementary Livelihood Prototypes

Strategies for Enhancing Quality of Life and Life Choices

Ensuring Access to Quality Education and All-Round Development

Improving Access to Safe Drinking Water and Ensuring Better Sanitation

Improving the Health Status of Communities

Promoting Digital Literacy among Tribal Communities through Internet Saathi

Scope of Work


Key Principles of Mission 2020 Program


1. Building Vibrant Community Institutions to spearhead development actions taken in community.


2. Market – oriented interventions drive the income enhancing programs.


3. Demand- led interventions are undertaken for the promotion of livelihood prototypes.


4. Innovations, not stereotype interventions are introduced to strengthen programs.


5. Convergent multi-sectoral plans are implemented which substantiate income enhancing programs with quality of life improvement efforts.